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Gates Micro-V Stretch-Fit A/C Belt for 2008-2014 WRX & 2008-2015 STi K040317SF

Model Number 2008-2014
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

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Gates K040317SF Serpentine Beltda:218 mm; Da:238 mm; D:295 mm; Mounting Hole Size:11 mm; Static Load Rating:192.3 kN; Dynamic Load Rating:102 kN; B:35 mm; Inner rings PCD:184 mm; Chamfer:2 mm; Number of Mounting Holes:12; d:160 mm; Outer rings PCD:270 mm; Oil Holes:6 mm; Mounting Hole Countersink Diameter:17.5 mm;
Serpentine Belt Gates K040317SFLimiting Speed - Oil:5,000 rpm; a (max):3.3 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1.1 mm; da (min):116 mm; Factor fo:16.4; r1:0.5 mm; Weight:0.846 kg; Dynamic Load Rating:38,000 N; ra (max):1 mm; Dx (min):157 mm; D1 (max):147.6 mm; Snap Ring Outside Diameter:155.7 mm; Da (max):144 mm; Enclosure:Snap Ring Groove wit; Configuration:Single Row; d:110 mm; B:20 mm; b (min):1.9 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Radial Clearance:0.036 to 0.066 mm;
Serpentine Belt Gates K040317SFBasic Dynamic Radial Load Rating C:33800 N; d:95.000 mm; Basic Static Radial Load Rating Co:33500 N; Fillet Radius ra:1.00 mm; B:18.00 mm; Grease Speed Rating Open/Shielded n1:4800 rpm; Sealed Speed Rating n3:2900 rpm; D:130.0000 mm; Oil Speed Rating Open/Shielded n2:5600 rpm; Accessories:Two Seals;
Gates K040317SF Automotive V-Ribbed Stretch Fit BeltFillet Radius rb:0.60 mm; D:72.0000 mm; Basic Dynamic Radial Load Rating C:28100 N; Basic Static Radial Load Rating Co:18600 N; Fillet Radius ra:1.00 mm; Grease Speed Rating n1:9200 rpm; d:30.000 mm; Oil Speed Rating n2:12000 rpm; B:19.00 mm;
GATES MICRO-V STRETCH FIT Serpentine Accessory Drive Belt K040317SFOutside Ring Inside Diameter:118.5 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:6,000 rpm; Radial Clearance:0.075 to 0.110 mm; ra (max):1 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:5,000 rpm; dc (min):99 mm; D:130 mm; B:22 mm; Static Load Rating:95,500 N; Db (min):125 mm; Db (max):118.5 mm; r1:1 mm; db (min):91 mm; da (min):91.5 mm; Enclosure:Open; Configuration:Single Row; db (max):95 mm; d:85 mm; ra1 (max):1 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1.1 mm;
Serpentine Belt Gates K040317SFBore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Cy (max):2.9 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:23,000 rpm; Da (max):30 mm; Weight:0.053 kg; Dx (min):40.5 mm; r1:0.5 mm; Groove Diameter:33.2 mm; D:35 mm; Groove Width:1.4 mm; ra (max):0.6 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Limiting Speed - Oil:27,000 rpm; Factor fo:11.3; Enclosure:Open; Dynamic Load Rating:8,100 N; a (max):2.1 mm; Radial Clearance:0.008 to 0.023 mm; Static Load Rating:3,450 N;
K040317SF Gates Serpentine Belt New for Subaru Impreza Outback Forester WRX STIGroove Diameter:147.6 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Radial Clearance:0.036 to 0.066 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; r1:0.5 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:28,300 N; Limiting Speed - Oil:4,800 rpm; Cy (max):3.9 mm; Weight:0.567 kg; ra (max):1 mm; B:16 mm; d:120 mm; Da (max):145 mm; Static Load Rating:31,500 N; da (min):125 mm; D:150 mm; Dx (min):157 mm; Enclosure:Open; Factor fo:16.0; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1 mm;
Serpentine Belt Gates K040317SFD:42.0000 mm; Grease Speed Rating n1:13000 rpm; Basic Static Radial Load Rating Co:11400 N; B:24.00 mm; Fillet Radius ra:0.64 mm; d:20.000 mm; Oil Speed Rating n2:17000 rpm; Basic Dynamic Radial Load Rating C:15600 N; Fillet Radius rb:0.30 mm;
Serpentine Belt Gates K040317SFD:62 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Dynamic Load Rating:33,000 N; ra (max):1 mm; Configuration:Single Row; ra1 (max):0.6 mm; dd (min):44 mm; db (min):35 mm; db (max):37 mm; Da (max):56 mm; Radial Clearance:0.035 to 0.060 mm; Enclosure:Open; dc (min):40 mm; Static Load Rating:33,000 N; Limiting Speed - Grease:10,000 rpm; d:30 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:12,000 rpm; B:20 mm;
Gates K040317SF Serpentine Belt For 08-19 Forester Impreza Outback WRX WRX STIConfiguration:Single Row; Factor fo:15.0; d:300 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:4 mm; ra (max):3 mm; B:74 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:1,300 rpm; Limiting Speed - Oil:1,500 rpm; Dynamic Load Rating:355,000 N; Static Load Rating:490,000 N; Radial Clearance:0.100 to 0.190 mm; Enclosure:Open; da (min):313 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Weight:43.800 kg; D:460 mm; Da (max):447 mm;
Serpentine Belt-Premium OE Stretch Fit Micro-V Belt Gates K040317SFBasic Dynamic Radial Load Rating C:72800 N; d:45.000 mm; Sealed Speed Rating n3:4500 rpm; Fillet Radius ra:1.50 mm; Accessories:Two Seals & Snap-Rin; B:39.70 mm; D:100.0000 mm; Basic Static Radial Load Rating Co:53000 N; Grease Speed Rating n1:4500 rpm; Oil Speed Rating n2:6000 rpm;
Serpentine Belt Gates K040317SFd:110.000 mm; Basic Dynamic Radial Load Rating C:270000 N; Sealed Speed Rating n3:1500 rpm; Grease Speed Rating Open/Shielded n1:2100 rpm; Oil Speed Rating Open/Shielded n2:2600 rpm; Fillet Radius ra:3.00 mm; D:320.0000 mm; Accessories:Snap-Ring; B:70.00 mm; Basic Static Radial Load Rating Co:260000 N;



No.BranddDBDadar1Weighta (max)
K040317SF-17.000 mm47.0000 mm22.20 mm - - - - -
K040317SF-180.000 mm380.0000 mm75.00 mm - - - - -
K040317SF-6.000 mm19.0000 mm6.00 mm - - - - -
K040317SF-20.000 mm72.0000 mm19.00 mm - - - - -
2008-2014-30.000 mm62.0000 mm16.00 mm - - - - -
K040317SF-110.000 mm320.0000 mm70.00 mm - - - - -
K040317SF- - 35 mm - - - 0.5 mm0.053 kg2.1 mm
K040317SF-200 mm340 mm112 mm - - - 42.500 kg -
08-10-130 mm - - - - - 10.700 kg -
K040317SF-90 mm - 54 mm - - 4 mm10.300 kg -
K040317SF-300 mm460 mm74 mm - - - 43.800 kg -
K040317SF-30 mm62 mm20 mm - - - 0.262 kg -
K040317SF-160 mm295 mm35 mm238 mm218 mm - - -
K040317SF-45.000 mm100.0000 mm39.70 mm - - - - -
2008-2014-110.000 mm170.0000 mm28.00 mm - - - - -
K040317SF-120 mm150 mm16 mm - - 0.5 mm0.567 kg -
K040317SF-55 mm120 mm29 mm - - - 1.370 kg -
K040317SF-85 mm - 28 mm - - 2 mm - -
K040317SF-65.000 mm140.0000 mm61.90 mm - - - - -
K040317SF-90.000 mm140.0000 mm24.00 mm - - - - -
K040317SF-20.000 mm42.0000 mm24.00 mm - - - - -
K040317SF-30.000 mm55.0000 mm13.00 mm - - - - -
K040317SF-85 mm130 mm22 mm - - 1 mm - -
K040317SF-70 mm125 mm24 mm - - - 1.070 kg -
K040317SF-30.000 mm72.0000 mm19.00 mm - - - - -
4040317S-120 mm165 mm22 mm - - 0.5 mm - 3.7 mm
K040317SF-95.000 mm130.0000 mm18.00 mm - - - - -
K040317SF-110 mm - 20 mm - - 0.5 mm0.846 kg3.3 mm


Gates Micro-V Stretch-Fit A/C Belt for 2008-2014 WRX & 2008-2015 STi K040317SF Video


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