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RKS.161.14.0414 SKF Slewing Ring Bearings

Brand Name SKF
Model Number RKS.161.14.0414
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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VSI200744-N INA Slewing Ring BearingsHousing Type:Pillow Block, 2 Bolt; Grease Type:Mobilgrease XHP222; Split Housing:NO; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Ship Weight:24.3 LB; Housing Series:215 SERIES (211-300; UPC:782476570194; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Housing Material:Steel; Seal Type:Seal Stamping (Taper; Max Bearing Speed:2040 rpm; Shaft Attachment Type:NONE; Collar Type:SET SCREW; Flinger Type:Standard; Bearing Series:215 Series (211-300;
RKS.062.20.1094 SKF Slewing Ring BearingsHousing Type:4 Bolt Flange; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Housing Material:Cast Iron; Base to Center Height:Not Applicable; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; Ball Bearing Housing Series:211 Series; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Ship Weight:8.11 LB; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; d:55.0000 mm; Max Bearing Speed:4000 rpm;
XSU140844 INA Slewing Ring BearingsUPC:782475987290; Flinger Material:Stainless Steel; Retainer Material:Polymer; Grease Type:Mobilgrease FM222; Ball Material:Stainless Steel; End Cap Groove:Yes; Housing Material:Polymer; Bearing Family:Grip Tight Ball Bear; Retainer Type:Max Life Cage; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Base to Center Height:Not Applicable; Housing Coating:No Coating; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes;
16316001 Kaydon Slewing Ring BearingsExpansion Type:Non-Expansion; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; d:0.7500 in; Housing Material:Cast Iron; Base to Center Height:Not Applicable; Seal Type:Single Lip; Ball Grade:Class 10; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; UPC:782475950461; Flinger Material:None; Bearing Series:204 Series; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Max Bearing Speed:7500 rpm;
16376001 Kaydon Slewing Ring BearingsHousing Type:2 Bolt Flange; Retainer Material:Nylon; Flinger Material:Steel; UPC:782475792580; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Base to Center Height:Not Applicable; Seal Type:Single Lip; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; End Cap Groove:Yes; Ball Material:Steel; Ring Size:Standard;
HS6-43E1Z Kaydon Slewing Ring BearingsBearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Ball Bearing Housing Series:208 Series; Ship Weight:2.3 LB; Ring Size:Standard; Base to Center Height:Standard; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Housing Material:Polymer; Bearing Insert Material:Nickel-Coated Steel; Seal Type:Triple Lip; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; End Cap Groove:Yes; Flinger Type:INTERNAL RUBBER LIP; UPC:782476289522; Retainer Material:Polymer;
RKS.211091 SKF Slewing Ring BearingsBall Bearing Housing Series:204 Series; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Flinger Type:Rubberized; Shaft Attachment (2):D-Lock; Ball Grade:Class 10; Max Bearing Speed:7500 rpm; Flinger Material:Steel; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; Bearing Series:204 Series; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Ring Size:Standard; Housing Material:Cast Iron; Ship Weight:1.56 LB; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty;
RKS.221300101001 SKF Slewing Ring BearingsBall Grade:Class 10; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; Bearing Series:204 Series; d:0.7500 in; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; End Cap Groove:No; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Seal Type:Single Lip; Retainer Material:Nylon; Max Bearing Speed:7500 rpm; Housing Material:Cast Iron;
RKS.160.14.0544 SKF Slewing Ring BearingsBearing Bore Shape:Tapered; Shaft Attachment Type:SETSCREW; UPC:782475764549; Housing Product Type:K / DI; Grease Type:Mobilgrease XHP222; d:1.1875 in; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Split Housing:SPLIT; Expansion Type:Expansion; Housing Type:2 Bolt Pillow Block; Housing Series:103 SERIES (103 - 10; Setscrew Angle:65; Bearing Series:103 Series; Ship Weight:8.9 LB; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Seal Type:Triple Lip;
VLI201094-N INA Slewing Ring BearingsSelf Aligning:Yes; Housing Type:2 Bolt Pillow Block; Ball Bearing Housing Series:214 Series; Bearing Locking Device:Tapered Adapter Slee; Ball Material:Steel; Max Bearing Speed:5000 rpm; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Ring Size:Standard; Bearing Family:Grip Tight Ball Bear; Grease Type:Unirex N2; UPC:782475880577; Shaft Attachment (2):Grip Tight; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Ship Weight:13.62 LB;
VLA200644-N INA Slewing Ring BearingsRetainer Material:Nylon; Housing Type:2 Bolt Flange; Ball Material:Steel; UPC:782475960651; Housing Material:Cast Iron; Ball Bearing Housing Series:207 Series; Bearing Family:D-Lock Ball Bearing; End Cap Groove:Yes; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Bearing Series:207 Series; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Ball Grade:Class 10; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel;
16286001 Kaydon Slewing Ring BearingsBall Material:Steel; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Ring Size:Standard; Retainer Material:Nylon; Grease Type:Unirex N2; End Cap Groove:Yes; Bearing Series:208 Series; Flinger Material:Steel; Bearing Family:D-Lock Ball Bearing; Max Bearing Speed:5000 rpm; Housing Type:2 Bolt Flange; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Ship Weight:4.8 LB; Self Aligning:Self Centering; UPC:782475557653; Ball Grade:Class 10;
RKS.161.14.0844 SKF Slewing Ring BearingsBearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Ball Bearing Housing Series:203 Series; Max Bearing Speed:7500 rpm; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Flinger Type:None; Ball Material:Steel; Retainer Material:Nylon; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Ship Weight:0.54 LB; Seal Type:Single Lip; Bearing Series:203 Series; d:0.5000 in; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; Ball Grade:Class 10; Base to Center Height:Not Applicable;
RKS.204040101001 SKF Slewing Ring BearingsBearing Insert Material:Steel; Bearing Series:215 Series; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; UPC:782475725946; Grease Type:Mobilgrease XHP222; Seal Type:Triple Lip; Housing Product Type:K / DI; Housing Series:215 SERIES (211 - 30; Expansion Type:Expansion; Base to Center Hight Numeric:3.7500 in; Setscrew Angle:65; d:3.0000 in; Ship Weight:44.8 LB; Split Housing:SPLIT; Housing Type:4 Bolt Pillow Block;



No.BranddUPCRing SizeSeal TypeSeal SizeFrame SizeLiner TypeAngle Size
VSU200844INA1.6875 in782475035595 - Grease Seal (Taper) - - - -
RKS.161.14.0944SKF2.1875 in782475635405StandardSingle Lip - - - -
RKS.223475101001SKF2.2500 in - StandardSingle Lip - - - -
RKS.121395101002SKF1.6875 in782475997381Standard - - - - -
VSI250755-NINA1.0000 in - - - - - - -
RKS.900155101001SKF55.0000 mm782475442478 - Triple Lip - - - -
VSI200644-NINA - 782475839049 - - - 500 - 6 X 6 X 3/4
RKS.220841SKF - - StandardSingle Lip - - - -
VSU250855INA7.0000 in782475768752 - Triple Lip - - - -
16312001Kaydon2.5000 in782475699421 - Triple Lip - - - -
VI160420-NINA - - Standard - - - - -
RKS.162.14.0944SKF2.5000 in782475041084 - Grease Seal (Taper) - - - -
VLA200414-NINA1.7500 in782475878970StandardSingle Lip - - - -
13004001Kaydon - 782475018598 - - - - - -
RKS.921155203001SKF - 782475018529 - - - - - -
XSI140744-NINA30.0000 mm782475217441Standard - - - - -
HT10-54E1ZKaydon - - StandardShield - - - -
VU300574INA - 782475942428 - Single Lip - - - -
VU250433INA - 782475989614 - Single Lip - - - -
VSU200744INA1.4375 in782476283698 - Single Lip - - - -
VLA200844-NINA2.4375 in782475725564 - Triple Lip - - - -
VA160302-NINA2.1875 in782475879304StandardSingle Lip - - - -
VA140188-VINA50.0000 in782476976002StandardShield - - - -
16336001Kaydon1.9375 in - - Single Lip - - - -
16278001Kaydon1.7500 in - - Single Lip - - - -
16271001Kaydon - 782476240776StandardSingle Lip - - - -
16369001Kaydon1.2500 in - Standard - - - - -
HT10-48E1ZKaydon0.8750 in782476268534StandardSingle Lip - - - -


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RKS.161.14.0414 SKF Slewing bearing with external gear

Quality crossed roller slewing bearing manufacturers & exporter - buy RKS.161.14.0414 SKF Slewing bearing with external gear ,344x504x56 mm,42CrMo 

RKS.161.14.0414 crossed roller bearing

RKS.161.14.0414 crossed roller bearing size 344x504x56mm, belongs to SKF RKS medium size crossed roller slewing bearings with external gear

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Slewing bearings

RKS.162.14.1094 is the best choice; otherwise the four-point contact ball slewing bearing RKS.062.20.1094 is suitable for this task. ...... RKS.161.14.0414. 544

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SKF bearing Group offers a recommended range of 42 items balls and crossed ... SKF crossed roller slewing bearings: RKS.160.14.0744 ... RKS.161.14.0414
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